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Knowing the number of ups you generate from your marketing is essential. Gaining qualified leads with post-sale contact information can help you sell more vehicles both during and after your sales event. Marketvision™ provides both baseline and cutting edge marketing tools to help you track results. Call today to learn more about the opportunities that can help you sell more vehicles.
Marketvision Overview
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A Marketvision™ sale provides:
  1. Professionalism: Kiosk brings an air of sophistication that just a prize banner cannot.
  2. Bonding and Rapport: Brings customers inside the dealership and controls the customer traffic better than a prize banner. No more gift grabbing!
  3. Closing Tool: Call-to-action trade-in voucher turns more "gift grabbers" into buyers.
  4. Automatic Customer Follow Up: Our data collection creates the ability for post-sale follow up to your customers that came in during the sale. Sell a few more cars from the follow up emails included with Marketvision™!
  5. Real-Time Reporting: For analysis to improve the marketing and sales performance of future sales.
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