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Reports and Closing Tools
Voucher Voucher Promotion Analysis Promotion Analysis
This call-to-action trade-in voucher is a closing tool that turns more "gift grabbers" into buyers. Overview of the specifics of the sale and the traffic generated.
Close the Sale Report Close the Sale Report Lead Tracker by Salesperson Lead Tracker by Salesperson
Provides a printed report at day's end of all ups who attended the sale. Records every up handled by each salesperson. Allows for better measurement and training to increase future closes.
Zip Code Analysis Zip Code Analysis Target Customer Map Target Customer Map
Shows which zip codes your ups are coming from. A map of your market that shows where your ups are coming from.
Customer Name/ Address/ Phone Report Customer Name/ Address/ Phone Report Follow Up Emails Follow Up Emails
Delivered after the sale, this report highlights every up, their vehicle, address, phone and email, when given. Follow up is now simple. After we collect data about your ups, we create follow up emails to help close additional deals after the sale.
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